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Community Paramedicine Program


United Ambulance provides adult individuals the opportunity for a regular visit with a Community Paramedic (CP). The CP can assist in providing basic tools and resources needed for improved self-awareness of medical problems and chronic diseases.

To reduce potential injuries in the home, the CP can also evaluate the resident's living space and conduct a home safety check (identifying any hazards).



Who is Eligible for the Program?


Local residents that live alone or have limited assistance.

Individuals who routinely use emergency services for general assistance (public service calls).

Individuals who have limited access to resources (home health, social services, etc.).



Types of Services Offered:


  • Home Inspction & Safety Check


  • Review of Medical Conditions, Medications and Allergies


  • Review Local Resources and Services


  • Influenza Vaccinations


  • Fall Risk Assessments


  • Well-being Checks (scheduled)


  • Simple Screening:


    * Mental Status

    * Heart Rate/Respirations

    * Blood Pressure

    * Blood Sugar Analysis/Log Training  

       (Diagnosed Diabetics only)

    * Weight Check

    * Temperature Check


How do you sign up for the Home Visit Program?


First request a Referral Form, you must have your primary care practitioner (PCP) fill it out and return it. It's that easy!


For Referral Forms Contact:


Call the Home Visit Program Office at (207) 440-2662




Referral Forms will be reviewed by a Community Paramedic.

Upon acceptance, the client will be contacted.

A 60-minute visit will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both the client and the Community Paramedic.




Community Paramedicine Program

Community Paramedic Profiles


Daphne Russell, AAS/EMT-P/CP

John McCauley, EMT-P/CP


Daphne Russell has been working for United Ambulance Service since 2003.  Daphne has an Associates Degree in Paramedicine and is a licensed Maine Paramedic and certified Community Paramedic.



John McCauley has been working for United Ambulance Service since 1993. John works as United's Facilities Management Coordinator, is a licensed Maine Paramedic and a certified Community Paramedic.


Daphne and John were appointed as the Community Paramedics for United. Their primary focus has been to develop the Community Paramedicine Program.